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Promoitalia’s innovative cosmetic kit for improving the look and feel of the skin!

Seven different sterile cosmetic formulations. Each designed to obtain a specific effect on the face and/or body.

  • Cell gel- facial rejuvenation
  • Hair gel-more luminous hair
  • Shape gel-fight the unsightly appearance of cellulite beauty flaws
  • Tonic gel-toned face and body effect
  • Top gel- face and body moisturizing and revitalizing
  • Ide gel- skin elasticity
  • Light Eyes Ultra gel-smooth out the eye contour

Oxybox vials leaves your skin fresh, renewed, and instantly radiant. Tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin may be appreciated already after the first application. Visibly smooth and touchably soft skin get back your youthful glow!

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  • 7 formulations in 1 box
  • Treats scars, stretch marks, and stressed skin.
  • Reduces eye bags, treats scalps, firms body skin and helps with cellulitis


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