Pink Intimate System + PQ Age: The best intimate treatment combination

Pink Intimate System can be a perfect solution for uneven skin tone, especially if you have dark patches on your intimate areas.  Feeling comfortable in your skin is important, and at Promoitalia, we know this. All our products are aimed at helping patients have better skin and improve their confidence by using quality products. This blog will examine how you can get rid of these dark patches and make your skin look much better.

Intimate bleaching treatments and how to achieve it with Pink Intimate System

Skin bleaching for intimate areas refers to using products or treatments to lighten the skin tone of areas such as the genitalia, anus, and underarms. This procedure is considered a form of cosmetic treatment and is sought for various reasons, including addressing perceived discoloration, evening-out skin tone, or enhancing the appearance of these areas.

People may choose to undergo this treatment for reasons such as:

  • Discoloration: Some individuals may experience darker pigmentation in intimate areas due to friction, hormonal changes, or genetics.
  • Uneven Skin Tone: Skin bleaching can be used to create a more uniform skin tone in intimate areas.
  • Enhancing Aesthetics: Just like other cosmetic procedures, some individuals opt for intimate area skin bleaching to enhance their overall appearance and boost self-confidence.

What is the Pink intimate system?

The Pink Intimate System is a clinically-proven system designed to nourish and moisturize your intimate area. It combines active ingredients with ultra-rich intimate moisturizer. The Pink Intimate System is an anti-aging intimate kit that helps to maintain the healthy pH balance of your intimate area. Not only this, but also it contains a mix of acid that helps the skin balance melanin production. 

The Pink Intimate system is a revolutionary new and innovative product created with the best technology. It is an easy-to-use, one-of-a-kind system! That gives women the power to regain their confidence and transform their private parts into a more attractive and natural-looking appearance. It is a system that is designed for women who have experienced unwanted darkening of their intimate areas and want a solution. 

With the Pink Intimate System, women are able to restore the softness and youthful look of their private parts. At Promoitalia, we are always finding new ways to create products that our patients feel safe to use and happy with the results.

It works by balancing the melanin production in the skin and reduces the dark patches surrounding the vagina. In addition, it will prevent the dark patches from reappearing.

Pink Intimate System may be used on the following body areas:

  • Mons pubis
  • Labia majora
  • Perianal region
  • Inguinal area
  • Underarms
  • Nipples

The ingredients:

  • Stabilized MCA
  • Enhanced Kojic acid
  • Bisabolol and glycyrrhetinic acid

Pink RF: a cosmetic anti-aging solution

From our intimate care product, you can create the perfect combination with Pink RF. Experts specifically formulated it to be used on genital areas and to rejuvenate the appearance. Pink Intimate System was created to give a rejuvenating effect with its application, but if a patient wants to have faster results, the Pink RF is the perfect after-treatment. 

Each box contains 5 tubes specifically designed to facilitate the topical application of the product.

Benefits of Pink RF application

  • Moisturizes intimate areas treated with Pink Intimate System or Intimo
  • Lubricates the vaginal area 
  • Maintains the vaginal PH stable

Results of this unique Pink Intimate System combination

Skin can be transformed and rejuvenated in a number of ways when you use the perfect combination. Whether you have sun damage, acne scars, or just want to smooth out wrinkles, there are plenty of options for achieving healthier skin. One of the most effective ways of improving the appearance of any skin is with Promoitalia products.

Intimate areas lighting: the main result and benefit of using Promoitalia intimate bleaching and regenerative skin products is skin lightening. Patients have been proven the results that it can achieve. The results depend on the skin tone and how continuous the applications are. We always recommend that our patients look for professional advice to set a specific number of applications to get their desired results. Every skin is different, and each one needs specific care to be healthy.

Skin color uniformity: We all want uniform, beautiful, and glowing skin. But sometimes, our skin lacks the uniformity we want. The best way to help with the problem is to undergo an intimate bleaching and regenerative skin treatment. This is an effective way to remove skin discoloration and even skin tone. 

Improves skin elasticity: Yes, elasticity is very important for your skin, especially your intimate skin. To have elastic skin, you need to have enough nutrition and elasticity ingredients in your daily life. There are some ways to improve your intimate skin elasticity as well. You can habitually use intimate products for women, like intimate moisturizing cream, to improve your intimate skin elasticity.

Revitalizes skin: It’s important to not only get to reduce dark patches but also have glowing skin. The Pink Intimate System helps you feel better about your skin and improves confidence in the intimate area. Then, to have a complete intimate skin and genital rejuvenizing effect, the application of Pink RF will help to reach an even skin color.

You can also boost your skin by regularly visiting an expert, setting skin treatments, and using professional cosmetic help to achieve your goal. 


Before undergoing any intimate area skin bleaching procedure, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified dermatologist or healthcare professional. They can assess your skin type, medical history, and potential risks.

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