Protocol to follow for an intimate bleaching Miami treatment

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In this case, we will be sharing the protocol to apply one of our most popular products: The Pink Intimate System. A cosmetic treatment created and formulated to bleach and rejuvenate the skin. It is safe to use it in different parts of the body when following the instructions. 

Clean the skin where the product will be used.

When applying any product to the skin, you need to make sure that it’s free of any dirt or impurities. This step is important if you plan to use the Pink Intimate System in private areas like the vagina and surroundings. Make sure to clean the area with gentle soap or distilled water. Experts recommend cleaning the area with a gentle soap to not irritate the skin before the treatment is applied. 

Carefully dry the area

After cleaning the areas, you must ensure no soap or wet areas. If not well cleaned, this can affect the effectiveness of the treatment and deliver different results. Experts create this and has ingredients that show results. But, when protocol and instructions are not followed, the results can improve. 

Apply the product with a dropper

Our Pink Intimate System includes 14 dropper vials that are easy to use and manipulate. The product has to be applied carefully in the skin. The amount of drops to apply per session can be 3 to 4 drops, make sure that you don’t apply a high amount. It can be more or less, but this will depend on the patient and area to use.

Massage until full absorption

Messages in the area where the product was applied will help absorption. Every product drop is valuable; you must apply it to the skin to absorb it. Massage and rub the product on the skin until all is gone. If you applied less than needed, apply a few more drops. 

Wait 2 to 3 minutes

To get a better effect on the skin, the product needs to rest on the skin for a couple of minutes. Ingredients such as ionic acid and Bisabolol will act together to reach and start to lighten the skin. Results may not be instant since this needs to act for a few days, but after some sessions, the ingredients will activate, and you will see differences.

Remove the product with cotton.

Now that the application it’s ready, it’s time to clean again and remove any excess product. This is similar to step 1, which is to clean the area. A professional will use cotton to clean the tea area, usually cotton, and matter. This way, any other product reacts with the ingredients of the Pink Intimate System.

Use the same steps in all the areas.

Our Intimate bleaching Miami treatment can be used on many areas of the body. Its formula’s safe to apply on the vagina, anus, armpits, nipples, and others. You can check more information about where it’s safe to apply in our blog section.

Our just click here – Where can Intimate bleaching be used?

Repeat application as needed.

It is recommended that you repeat this process 3 to 5 times, depending on how much you want to bleach the skin. The tongs to bleach on the skin will depend on the patient and their skin color. If they have a dark skin color, they may need more applications. On the other side, they have a lighter color, and the one just like the skin 2 tonnes may be less. 

Pink intimate System: PronoItalia Intimate bleaching Miami treatment

The pink intimate bleaching system is a product for the intimate area formulated with quality ingredients. It is very important to use the right products to lighten the skin color of the intimate area. It is a common problem for women to be embarrassed by the color of their intimate skin. There are many reasons why a woman will notice a change in the skin color in that area. 

It can be caused by childbirth, aging, stress, or excessive friction during sex. It is important to keep the skin in that area very soft and healthy to avoid any problems. The pink intimate bleaching system is a bleaching product that is made for this area.

This product has a lightening cream and a skin-lightening serum for this area. Our product works mainly by removing the discoloration and hyperpigmentation that is present.  These products will help to lighten the skin color in this area and also make it soft and smooth.

Use other products to moisturize the area.

With a 30% concentration of hyaluronic acid, the Ultra Yal drops help moisturize and regenerate your skin. It is the perfect product to combine after an intimate bleaching product and will help you have amazing skin. Hyaluronic acid has many properties, including antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects.

Ultra Hyal – Hyaluronic Acid to regenerate skin

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