All about our Intimate bleaching Orlando treatment and how it works

Looking for a solution to brighten the color of your intimate areas? At PromoItalia, we have the perfect solution for this issue. Intimate bleaching Orlando treatments have become more than just a summer trend and are a treatment that helps people feel more comfortable with their bodies. Learn more about how this intimate brightening system treatment works, the results, and where to find it.

At Promoitalia, we know the common problems of the modern woman. Concerns about intimate areas, health, and appearance are topics that should be discussed. Here we will discuss a solution for a common problem that nobody should be ashamed of talking about.

Many people experience embarrassment and discomfort, but our system is a solution for any skin problem in the cosmetic world. 

Some suffer from dark and uneven skin color, and we are not only referring to intimate areas. Over time, underarms, knees, elbows, and other areas may become discolored. Here is an intimate bleaching Orlando experts post to answer our product’s most frequently asked questions.

What is the intimate brightening system treatment?

Intimate whitening, or vaginal bleaching, is a treatment that has become very popular over time. Most women are looking for a way to get rid of vaginal discoloration following childbirth or simply as a result of aging.

Many avoid it because they fear treatments of the sort may cause damage to their intimate areas. Still, the truth is that it is completely safe and effective, provided that it is done under the supervision of a specialist.

This intimate cosmetic treatment is a new way to reduce the appearance spots or marks on the skin. It makes the skin look smoother, younger, and more vibrant by using a variety of clients! We will detail some of the main ingredients used to obtain this result.

This treatment can help anyone achieve even skin color caused by dark spots and hyperpigmentation in intimate areas. It is one of the best-known intimate bleaching Orlando treatments.

How does it work? 

The intimate bleaching system combines two systems; it works with the same method of intimate bleaching and brightening.

First, the exclusive bleaching gel, designed to dissolve toxins and dead skin cells, is applied to the intimate area. Then follows the intimate whitening gel, a gel that is meant to whiten the intimate area. The intimate whitening 

Forget about those uneven skin areas and look amazing!

The first step to any whitening treatment is to make the skin hair-free, as the skin needs to be smooth to allow the product to be fully absorbed and thus give the best possible results. 

Remember: Do not attempt to bleach intimate areas on your own. Always seek the help of trained experts. Using whitening products by yourself can damage the skin if you don’t follow the advice of a cosmetic professional. 


Promoitalia Brightening System

Our intimate lightening system is a proprietary skin whitening treatment that prevents and reduces melanin formation and lightens the skin. It is an advanced whitening system with an immediate effect that will help create an even color in your private areas.

Intimate whitening is a skin-lightening system developed by our research team to help you achieve a more radiant, white complexion. It is a fully integrated skin system that helps you get rid of discoloration and blemishes caused by dark spots. 

It is normal to feel a tingling sensation. If you have never had this treatment, we recommend following the previous pre-procedure protocol recommendations to prepare for your skin. 

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About the ingredients

PromoItalia intimate bleaching Orlando products are made with the best ingredients to provide you with the best results over a short time. We assure you that you won’t cause any allergic reactions.

The intimate brightening system treatment is composed of the following ingredients: 

Enhanced Kojic acid

Kojic acid is a by-product of a fungus often used in medicine to treat fungal infections. Technically known as alpha-hydroxy acid, the substance can also be found in certain foods, including rice, barley, and soybeans. Kojic acid occurs naturally in some mushrooms and is used across the cosmetic industry for its many properties.

Kojic acid has been a key ingredient in skin-whitening products for centuries. In Japan, it is considered the best skin whitening ingredient to achieve the best and even skin tone results. 

Bisabolol and glycyrrhetinic acid

Bisabolol: This chemical compound is made from plants, for example, chamomille, and is heavily used in the cosmetic industry. Its main uses in cosmetics are to help the cicatrization process and sallowness.

Glycyrrhetinic acid: this is a natural component obtained from plant roots. It is known for its many skin calming and antioxidant properties. These properties are antiallergic, antibacterial, and antiviral.

It plays an important role in many skin whitening products and helps to improve the look of uneven and discolored skin.

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Gain more confidence and get rid of dark skin spots by using Promoitalia products! Follow the advice of our best cosmetic experts and get the results you want.