Have a uniform intimate area color with an intimate brightening system treatment

Nowadays, many feel insecure about showing our intimate skin when we go to a pool or the beach. The truth is, we don’t like that darkened skin. So, you can have a uniform intimate area color with an intimate brightening system treatment.

Intimate lightening provides gentle brightness and enhanced pigmentation to sensitive areas such as the underarms, knees, elbows, and genital and anal regions. 

Both men and women can experience troublesome discoloration and darkening due to hormones and aging. To solve this issue, we offer quick and effective solutions for improving pigmentation, rejuvenating, and brightening delicate areas to solve this issue. 

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What is the process for Intimate Lightening Treatments at a spa?

A professional cosmetician should evaluate your skin and create a treatment plan; simultaneously, they can advise you on preparing for your procedure. Now for sure, your appointment will be on a day when you’re not having a sexual relationship (then that into consideration)

Now, among the recommendations you should follow: 

  • Not having a sexual relationship before the treatment. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and no underwear on the day of your appointment. 
  • Find highly-trained professional technicians who perform your procedure in a calm, relaxing environment.

If necessary, a cooler will be used to ensure your comfort. So, you will feel a slight sensation of tingling during treatment. After the treatment, you will receive instructions on caring for your skin. 

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How long does it take? 

The intimate brightening system treatment takes only 30 minutes and requires no downtime. Our products contain only tested active ingredients that can lighten and protect your skin in these intimate areas.

We recommend four treatments spaced approximately three to four weeks apart. Fortunately, you can also use home care products as needed.; our specialist will design a custom treatment plan to meet your needs.

What can I expect from the treatment? 

One of the results is having uniform colors in the areola, underarms, and vaginal/anal areas. 

When using intimate brightening products, you may experience mild to moderate peeling depending on your treatment. 

After the first procedure, you will schedule a second treatment three to four weeks later. But I need to use a home lighting kit between treatments to prepare the area for the procedure and aid in the lightning process.

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Best intimate brightening system treatment available 

The popularity of Brightening Intimate Areas is increasing. Now there is a  perfect treatment for almost all skin types! 

The Intimate Brightening system creates uniform skin tones for any part of the body. The system uses brightening agents to brighten the affected area gradually and does not breach the skin.

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Pink Intimate System

Pink Intimate Skin Peeling is a gentle, non-invasive solution for vaginal whitening. You can use it to enhance the appearance of the intimate areas by increasing skin clarity and improving its overall beauty.

It is the ideal solution to treat the female genital region delicately, and it can solve common problems in intimate areas of your body.

Besides, it is an Anti-aging fighter for the vaginal region. Also, It is quick and simple to use and can quickly fix common beauty problems in an often difficult area to treat.

You can treat the following areas with the Pink Intimate System:

  • Mount of Venus
  • Labia majora
  • Perianal Region
  • Groin area
  • Armpits
  • Nipples

Pink Intimate System contains ingredients that have a lifting or whitening effect. The blend contains:

  • Stabilized MCA
  • Enhanced lactic acids
  • Bisabolol, glycyrrhetinic Acid.
  • It’s a truly unique product.

Some advantages of this intimate brightening system treatment are: 

  • Instant lifting results
  • It Reduces hair growth.
  • It gives you a whiter result.
  • Reddening and soothing results.
  • It is non-traumatic and revitalizing.

With intimate brightening products, you can create uniform colors in the vaginal/anal, underarms, and areola. 

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Some recommendations 

You can use products that contain some lactic acid. Lactic Acid is very effective for many types of skin. This treatment is easy to tolerate because of its high molecular weight, hydrating, soothing, and other ingredients.

Always use Professional cleaning products to pre-treat intimate parts before professional applications. You can find a cleanser (an intimate foam wash) that gently cleans the vaginal environment, and you will feel a refreshing and effective cleansing.

The first step in the intimate brightening process is to apply masque. Masque application and its duration enhance the Bikini Peel treatment by inhibiting the production of the melanin-forming enzyme Tyrosinase. 

It is recommended to do three Intimate Brightening treatments followed by maintenance. You can use these treatments together to provide long-lasting results.

Finally, Each lightening procedure requires a waiting period before natural bleaching compounds can work. 

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It is easy to bleach your intimate area, and the results are amazing. There is no difference in the appearance of intimate and exposed areas after a few bleaching treatments.

A person can feel confident knowing that every inch of their body has consistent color, and a bleaching treatment could help you if your skin is discolored or you cannot enjoy the summer.

A flawless complexion is crucial for looking great in a swimsuit or showing off other parts of your body. You can have excellent whitening in your intimate area without major complications.

It’s time to show off that bikini you’ve been saving for so long and take advantage of the summer to go to the beach or the pool. Remember to talk to a professional for advice on the best product you may need.

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