“Is vaginal rejuvenation treatment safe?” and other common questions about this aesthetic procedure!

Better health means a better life. Sometimes we want to improve all aspects of our bodies and health, even our intimate areas. Now, you can find a variety of treatments and non-invasive procedures to have specific results. As our body ages, our overall health can decrease, but there are many ways to stop this aging.

If your goal is to feel younger and enjoy your sex life as before, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment is a great option. Age, pregnancy, menopause, or certain medical condition can cause a lack of natural lubrication.

These are some of the many common problems that any woman can have throughout their life. Vaginal treatments are many to enhance women’s health and confidence.

Learn more about this procedure and how cosmetic technology ensures you the best results!


What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity among women. As its name describes, this treatment or procedure aims to improve vaginal health and rejuvenate the area. 

Women often struggle with problems such as menopause that can make them feel older on the body. Even though we all have been through natural changes. Vaginal rejuvenation is a way to manage it to decrease the symptoms of vaginal damage.

The idea behind the procedure is very straightforward. It is used to improve natural lubrication and return the vagina muscled to its most optimal strength. This means tightening up the muscles of the vagina that have become loose because of natural causes such as childbirth.

But… How does the procedure work? Does it really make the vagina younger? We will answer all questions you may have!


How does this procedure work?

First, you must know that the vagina is a very elastic muscle. It can get elastic enough to bring a child! When these muscles are expanded, they can get a bit loose and cause women to feel uncomfortable with it.

There are many methods of vaginal rejuvenation. We can divide them into two categories:


  • Vaginoplasty
  • Labiaplasty
  • Vulvoplastia

Vaginoplasty: this is a surgical procedure that is performed by using anesthesia. It is known for its self-esteem and confidence booster results. Most women that had this procedure have felt that their sex life has improved.

Labiaplasty: women use this procedure to reshape their labia. Labiaplasty means the reduction of labia minora. It is popular due to its efficacy in reducing unwanted tissue in the vaginal area.

Vulvoplastia: it means a vulva reshaping. The vulva shape is changed to a certain way to make the woman feel more comfortable.


  • Radiofrequency 
  • Laser

Radiofrequency: the RF treatment it’s a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses electromagnetic waves. Radiofrequency is used to heat the tissue and make it tight.

Laser: in the laser treatment, a wand is used and inserted to warm the vaginal tissue. The laser activates the different layers of vagina tissue and makes the skin produce more collagen. This procedure does not need anesthesia and is completely painless

These are all the different types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures that you can choose from. Check each characteristic and decide depending on the results you need. Remember that each procedure is made to enhance and improve a specific part of the vagina area.

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What are the benefits?

Restores tightness to vaginal areas: as we already mentioned, a woman as years past the vaginal muscles can get looser and be less firm. With this treatment, the muscles will get tighter and restore their strength. 

Improve sexual experience: statistics show that about 80% of women that got a vaginal rejuvenation treatment have experienced sexual improvement.

Improve existing medical conditions: this treatment is more than just reconstructive it can also improve existing medical conditions. This procedure can improve some conditions, such as vaginal agenesis, imperforate hymen, and others.


Is vaginal rejuvenation treatment safe?

It’s important to know that there will be some kind of risk no matter the procedure you choose. There will always be some risks when you decide to make changes to your. Make sure you know all the possible risks and side effects of any type of cosmetic treatment you ever get.

Don’t stress yourself. These are some possible risks. In the end, you will be deciding on getting the treatment or not. When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation treatment, some of the most common risks or side effects are:

  • Infection
  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of sensation
  • Scarring
  • Urinary incontinence

Are you considering vaginal rejuvenation? You need to know what to expect and have all the important information before deciding. 

Contact your doctor and ask about any concerns you may have. They are the best option to get accurate answers and get the best results for your cosmetic treatments!


Are vaginal rejuvenation treatments permanent?

Each vaginal rejuvenation treatment is different and can vary from woman to woman. But, the truth is that it is permanent. You can add some sessions to get better results, but these are permanent changes once you get the result you wanted.

So, no matter which non-surgical or surgical treatment you choose, the results will last longer. Unless another natural child occurs, this can change things a lot. But once you have the treatment performed by a professional, you will notice the improvement and differences.


Why do women do it?

Cosmetic procedures are often criticized. Many women decide on making little changes or just improving their bodies to feel just… better and healthier. The thing is, cosmetic treatments or procedures are not only to enhance confidence and beauty but also to improve health.

Many medical experts offer this treatment as a solution for many problems, not only aesthetic or sex life problems but medical problems such as incontinence. Each woman has reasons to decide to get a vaginal rejuvenation, and each one is valid!