Where can PDO threads be used?

Jawline PDO threads have an instant and almost magic effect when used on different body areas. They are known to be used on the face to reduce and almost eliminate all saggy skin, wrinkles, aging signs, and more. For many years, the only way to have this effect was by going under the knife and spending weeks recovering from facial surgery. 


But did you know all the new cosmetic innovations professionals have created to deliver the results that everyone has wanted? When we talk about the results everyone wants, we talk about a safe, quick, and noninvasive procedure that helps you recover your youth without risk or consequences.


PDO threads for facial areas

PDO threads (Polydioxanone suture) is a professional cosmetic treatment procedure used by surgeons to tighten and repair tissues. Due to the properties of this thread, the tissue can relax again and be more resistant to sagging. As a result, the treatment has been used for years for aesthetic treatments in areas such as the cheeks, forehead, neck, and jaw.


One of the most frequently asked questions about the result of PDO thread lifting on the cheeks is: Are they only for the jawline? Or can they be used on other areas with sagging skin, like the cheeks? PDO threads are microscopic threads that can be used in sensitive skin, even on the cheeks.


The threads are thin, so they are not visible under the skin on the first day; they curl up under the skin and create a lifting effect. On the cheeks, the threads are placed in the direction of natural folds and creases of the skin.



Aging is a natural process, but depending on your lifestyle, the forehead lines are completely normal; we all hate them; it usually starts to appear in the 30s from raising your eyebrows. Depending on how expressive a person can be, the lines can or can’t be more visible. You can’t prevent making facial expressions or stop raising your eyebrows to reduce the pairing of the lines.


Still, there is a unique solution if you want to eliminate any aging signs: jawline PDO threads that can also be used on the forehead zone. Forget about the pain of using botox or invasive procedures and learn more about this lifting procedure. Have better results with no scars in a quick time and see results the same day. 



Most popular skin procedures surgically remove the face and strain the neck to provide a lifting. Yes, to PDO threads. Improve your profile skin texture and forget the preppy look. Imagine having a new look after a quick procedure. When using PDO threads, the skin absorbs the threads, so a patient would not have to remove anything after the procedure. 



Basically, jawline PDO threads are threads attached to a needle and then inserted into your skin to lift and tighten the skin. They are especially popular in the jawline and neck area, where they can lift the skin and help eliminate wrinkles.


PDO threads are said to last up to 3 months, and they work by pulling the skin tight in the area of the threads and working to stimulate collagen production in the skin. They are not dangerous and cause no pain; unlike other types of threads, they are safe to use on the face.


What is the use of PDO threads?

PDO Threads is a micro-needling therapy that has gained popularity in the United States but is also a common practice in many Asian countries. This therapy is done with a sterile needle and thread, usually made of polydioxanone (PDO). The threads are then placed under the skin using the micro-needling method. 


This process is done with an individualized pattern that helps your body heal. The threads are left under the skin for some time. This method is often used to help reduce fine lines or wrinkles but can also reduce scarring and stretch marks on the face.


Can everybody use PDO threads?

Before deciding whether this is the best procedure, a consultation with an expert is the first step. A professional will fully analyze your problems and decide if the patient suits them. 


A person with thick, placid skin can make the jawline PDO threads visible. Of course, a professional will find a way to provide solutions, but if a case is too complicated, the practitioner will need to look for an alternative.


When a patient has a weak immune system, the use of PDO threads is also not recommended. This is mainly Because a high risk of infection happens, and we don’t want any risk for patients. 


In other cases of people with coagulation problems, the threads are not recommended to use since they will cause bag bruises that may last for many days. From a cosmetic point of view, this is a consequence that not the patient nor the practitioner wants.


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