PDO threading an advanced procedure for saggy skin

In the world of modern aesthetics, advancements in non-surgical treatments have revolutionized the way we approach skin rejuvenation. One such innovative technique gaining widespread attention is the use of PDO threads. This article delves into the science, benefits, and procedure of PDO threads, shedding light on why they have become popular for those seeking a non-invasive solution to sagging skin.

PDO: polydioxanone

Polydioxanone, often shortened to PDO, is a special type of material that can be turned into very fine threads. These threads are used in a cosmetic procedure called PDO threading.

PDO is safe for the body because it gradually breaks down and disappears over time. It’s like a friendly visitor that comes to help, does its job, and then leaves without causing any harm.

In PDO threading, these threads are carefully placed under the skin to lift and tighten it. It’s like giving the skin a little lift and support to look smoother and firmer.

The reason PDO is used for these threads is because it’s biocompatible, which means our bodies don’t react badly to it. And since PDO threads slowly dissolve as new collagen forms, they create a natural scaffolding under the skin to help it stay lifted and youthful.


Think of PDO threads as tiny helpers that use this special material to gently lift sagging skin, making us look and feel better without needing a big surgery.


Remember, only trained and skilled professionals should do PDO threading to make sure it’s done safely and give you the best results.

PDO threads are medical-grade sutures that have been used for decades in various surgical procedures. Recently, they have gained prominence in cosmetic medicine for their remarkable ability to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin without the need for invasive surgery.


What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is like giving your skin a little boost! It’s a cosmetic procedure where special threads are used to lift and tighten your skin. These threads are placed under the skin, and they act like little helpers, pulling the skin upwards to make it look firmer and smoother.

Imagine if your skin is like a curtain that’s starting to sag. The threads are like the strings you use to tie up the curtain, making it hang nicely again. But don’t worry, these threads are very thin and safe for your body.

The cool thing is that while the threads are holding up your skin, they also encourage your body to make more collagen, which is like a natural glue that keeps your skin strong and young-looking.

A thread lift is a way to get a lift without needing big surgery. It’s like a little magic trick to help your skin look and feel refreshed! Just make sure to have a skilled doctor or professional do it to make sure it’s done safely and nicely.

Main PDO threading characteristics


The absorption characteristic is a key feature of PDO threading procedures that makes them special for cosmetic procedures. It’s all about how these threads interact with your body over time. When PDO threads are placed under your skin during a thread lift procedure, they don’t stay there forever. Instead, they gradually break down and get absorbed by your body. This happens over a period of several months.


Think of it like this: Imagine you have a piece of string made from a special material. You tie it around a balloon. Over time, the string starts to slowly dissolve and disappear, but while it’s dissolving, it leaves behind a framework or structure. That structure can help the balloon keep its shape even after the string is gone.


Similarly, PDO threads act as a temporary support structure for your skin. As they dissolve, they stimulate your body to create new collagen, which is like the natural building blocks that make your skin strong and firm. So, even after the threads are gone, the collagen that’s been made helps your skin stay lifted and tighter. This absorption characteristic of PDO threads is a big reason why they are used in thread lift procedures. 


PDO threads have a special texture that’s quite different from regular threads you might be familiar with. Instead of being smooth all the way, they have tiny barbs, bumps, or cogs along their length. These barbs are like little hooks or anchors.


How the Texture Works:

When a doctor or trained professional inserts PDO threads under your skin, the barbs of the threads help anchor the threads in place. It’s a bit like how Velcro works – the hooks of one side of Velcro stick to the loops of the other side, creating a secure connection.

This texture serves a dual purpose:


  • Immediate Lift: As the threads are inserted and gently pulled, the barbs catch onto the tissue under your skin, providing an immediate lifting effect. This is noticeable right after the procedure, giving you a more lifted and rejuvenated appearance.

  • Collagen Stimulation: Over time, as the PDO threads dissolve, the texture of the threads continues to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. The presence of these barbs encourages your skin to create more collagen, which helps maintain the lifted and tighter look even after the threads have disappeared.

The unique texture of PDO threads allows for more secure placement and lift during the procedure. This gives doctors greater control over the lifting and tightening process, and it contributes to the long-lasting effects of the treatment.


PDO threads come to various lengths to cater to different treatment areas and goals. The choice of thread length depends on the specific needs of the patient and the area being treated. The usual length is 25-60mm. Since they are placed in short sections, they don’t usually vary in light too much.


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