PDO Thread Assufil Monofilamento I Needle

Barbed part 23 cm, 2.0 Usp thickness, 2 Straight needles 18 cm

4 units per box
PDO Thread Assufil Monofilament is a sterile, synthetic, absorbable, single-use surgical suture device, made from PDO poly(p-dioxanone). Important safety consideration: The progressive loss of the suture’s tensile strength occurs as a consequence of the poly(p-dioxanone) hydrolysis, which allows absorption and subsequent metabolization in the body. In rare cases, sutures may cause allergies and/or intolerances. Assufil Monofilament sutures are to be used in operating rooms, ambulances, or in any hospital environment by qualified personnel. This type of suture may be inappropriate in malnourished or weakened patients or in patients suffering from conditions that may delay the wound healing process. For Single Use Only


Assufil Monofilament sutures are intended for general soft tissues where the use of an absorbable suture is appropriate.


  • Repositioning of the tissue
  • Bidirectional convergent barbed

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