How long does it take for vaginal rejuvenation to work?

We always look to improve our physical appearance and feel better about ourselves. So we often undergo cosmetic treatments: facials, massages, and our intimate parts rejuvenation. 

Now, talking about vaginal rejuvenation procedures, we have treatments to improve our intimate areas and regain self-confidence. But, How long does it take for vaginal rejuvenation to work?

Women use vaginal rejuvenation to enhance their intimate areas. These procedures (as we told you before) will boost your confidence and help you live a happier sex life, but the time it takes to work will depend on your chosen procedure.

Tell me the options

There are some surgical and non-surgical procedures

Laser rejuvenation treatment: An anesthetic cream injects a laser into the canal to reduce it. This procedure can also be used to treat dryness and incontinence, and the results are almost immediate (of course, you need some post-treatment care).

Two to three sessions are required to achieve the desired effect. These should be done at six-week intervals. Vaginal rejuvenation results are visible within days and last for several years.

Hyaluronic acid: In moderate cases, the doctor injects the substance into the vaginal canal with a fine needle using a multipoint technique. This technique increases the volume of the upper lips, improves the vaginal mucosa, and treats dryness in the vaginal area; your doctor will determine how many injections you need, and the results are progressive.

Lipofilling: This intra-vaginal procedure narrows the internal canal in moderate to severe vaginal laxity; it is a minimally invasive surgery that uses local anesthesia. The surgeon removes fat from the donor area and injects it into your vagina

This technique can also be used to repair the G-spot and vaginal mucosa. The surgery lasts about one hour and is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

Platelet Rich Plasma: It is an effective way to treat vaginal dryness. Doctors inject some plasma into the area, which can take several sessions. Sessions with Platelet Rich Plasma last 60-90 minutes. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you have three sessions every month, and a session every six months is recommended for maintenance.

The pubic lift and mons pubis liposuction: These techniques can restore the skin’s tone and remove excess fat. Your doctor will tell you how many sessions you need and how long it will take. 

Preparation for vaginal renewal

Finding the best professional before undergoing any vaginal rejuvenation procedure is crucial; you should ensure that the doctor has good reviews and is registered. Before choosing one specialist, it is a good idea to consult several. 

Vaginal rejuvenation can be performed by several specialists depending on the patient’s needs and the goal. Specialists can do these treatments in Plastic and Aesthetic Reconstructive Surgery as well as Dermatology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Aesthetic Medicine. 

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The specialist will recommend to each patient the best procedure for them. To promote healing, you should stop smoking one month before your appointment; also, the doctor will let you know if the area should be shaved and take the prescribed medication to prepare for anesthesia or intervention.

Post-procedure care

Most vaginal rejuvenation treatments can be done outpatient and don’t require hospitalization. Some more complex treatments may require hospitalization for a one- or two-day stay.

Most procedures are performed under local anesthesia. The recovery period is generally painless. The specialist may prescribe painkillers if there is pain.

Care must be taken with sexual relations depending on the type of procedure. After a vaginoplasty or laser labiaplasty, it is necessary to wait for sex to be possible.

Patients who have had surgery or are more invasive must wait for 4 to 6 weeks before they can have sex; the vaginal canal still needs to heal. Intercourse can be maintained with hyaluronic acid injections after a few days but always in a progressive fashion.

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When restoring your vaginal zone?

Regenerative gynecology encompasses all medical procedures that improve the functionality, appearance, and anatomy of the pelvic floor, vulva, and vagina. This includes using technologies like radiofrequency, photodynamics, and laser.

It also involves the biostimulation of tissue via microinjections with autologous plasma rich in platelet growth factors. Now, when should you consider it?

You can regenerate your vagina when intimate tissues lose strength, elasticity, or volume. These changes can be caused by trauma, episiotomies in childbirth, hormonal imbalances, or the passing of time; this causes discomfort for the patient and decreased functionality. So, If you suffer from any of the following conditions, it is a good idea to seek out regenerative gynecology.

Vaginal relaxation syndrome

This is another condition for considering regenerative procedures. Genitourinary syndrome is a condition that results in vaginal dryness, atrophy, and severe difficulties with sexual intercourse. For instance, people can suffer from Urinary incontinence, mild to moderate urgency; patients feel discomfort caused by changes in the appearance of their external genitalia.

Vulvoperineal pain

It is a Chronic, unexplained pain in the area around the opening of the vagina. It is uncomfortable that some activities are intolerable, such as sitting for too long or engaging in sexual intercourse. So most women undergo a vaginal rejuvenation procedure to overcome this Discomfort.

Intimate zone rejuvenation treatments enhance women’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. Each case will receive individualized treatment.

Most of the time, people use Radiofrequency and laser treatments; both emit heat, which causes degenerative changes in the tissues that can be used to treat mild urinary problems such as dryness and laxity. Many times, patients can combine multiple treatments.

A post-menopausal woman may benefit from several radiofrequency or laser sessions; this could then be followed by hyaluronic or autologous plasma treatment in her vagina. You can also add a local or topical hormonal treatment with no systemic side effects.

Some women prefer a combination of a vaginal laser treatment six to eight weeks after childbirth to strengthen the tissues and pelvic floor physiotherapy sessions.

What are the after results?

The majority of treatments are minimally invasive, and they are performed in an outpatient clinic with or without local anesthesia. The patient can return to work or daily activities immediately after the procedure. Before any patient can be operated on, they must first be cleared of any infection or gynecological problem.

The results are excellent and can be seen from the first treatment; most patients are grateful. Laser, radiofrequency, and biostimulation treatments may not be permanent. Patients may need maintenance treatments.

Now, the ideal treatment for improving the intimate areas of a woman who has experienced changes due to pregnancy, age, or any other reason is vaginal rejuvenation.

Remember that These natural changes are not something that should make us feel bad about ourselves; the life expectancy and desire to live well are increasing. 

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