Collagen boosting! Stimulate your collagen production in the healthiest way

Collagen boosting! Stimulate your collagen production in the healthiest way

Give your body that collagen boost that needs to have a healthy look. Your hair, skin, and nails are made of a protein called collagen. We all need to consume or apply any form of collagen to our bodies to keep the collagen levels high. When this does not happen, you may feel that your hair starts to fall, nails start to break, and your skin is not as shiny as before.

You can stimulate and keep your collagen production in a healthy way. You can either use cosmetic or dietary products to complement that lack of this important protein. 

Find out the best options to boost your collagen and change your overall health to look amazing every day. 

Why is collagen production so important for the skin?

The human body is covered with skin, and may you don’t know, but the skin is an organ. This is the largest human organ and is mostly made of collagen as your hair and skin. How does one not love to have a glow on the skin and hair? We all have tried treatments, creams, vitamins, and more.

But, when our body does not produce enough of this protein, we can notice it very quickly. Our collagen production, diet, and products that we use can interfere in collagen production. 

This is why helping our body be healthier by giving collagen boosting is an incredible way to provide strength to hair, nails, skin, muscles, and tendons.

Reasons why collagen production declines


Most people’s bodies start to decline collagen production at a certain age. In your 30s your body will start to slowly decrease collagen production and this will keep going yearly.

The exact age when this happens is different for every person. But, every year since it starts, the body decreases 1% of its collagen production.

When you are a woman, this decrease intensifies during and after menopause. But, even though naturally you don’t produce as much collagen, as usual, you still can use products to provide your body the amount it needs to keep healthy.

UV exposure

Continuous and unprotected UV exposure can have a significant impact on collagen production. It is known that UV can cause damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process. 

A bit of sunlight is healthy for everybody. But to prevent premature aging by avoiding extreme UV exposure is the best thing to do. Always use the right protection to prevent any damage to your skin; UV negative impacts on the skin can be prevented easily.


You may already know that smoking is not so good for your health in general. Even though there is proof and studies of the consequences of smoking, people still can leave this bad habit.

Smoking is a big problem for collagen production. When a person smokes, their tissues cannot deliver the amount of oxygen needed to regenerate. This means that it can lead to premature wrinkles, skin problems, facial lines, and of course, collagen production decrease.

Best ways to collagen boost

Vitamin C

Eating food rich in this vitamin will give your body production the collagen boosting that it needs. Vitamin is an important vitamin for collagen and overall human health, but the human body can’t produce vitamin C. This is why you either need to take dietary supplements or get them from your diet.

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Vitamin C has an important role in the collagen creation process, plus it is critical to the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Most rich vitamin C foods are:

  • Oranges
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya

Hyaluronic acid

Humans naturally produce hyaluronic acid, but like collagen, its production can vary and decrease with your age. The skin holds the most amount of hyaluronic acids. This is why keeping high levels of this amino acid will keep your skin looking bright and shiny.

You can give collagen boosting to your skin by adding this compound to your skincare routine. Many people also use supplements, topical resumes, or injections. It is also found in many foods, and adding hyaluronic acid to your diet can easily help you boost your collagen production.

Eliminates excessive oil

Is your skin the oily type? Then you know the struggle of always having too shiny skin. Another top benefit of using charcoal mask peel is that you can easily get rid of that excess oil. 

Usually, excessive oil production on the skin means that your skin is trying to hydrate itself. You can also reduce this by using the right moisturizing.

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One important player in the collagen production process is Retinol. It is an antioxidant, and it is very used to improve skin texture and provide a shiny and healthy look. Using retinol will help you with collagen boost production and hyaluronic acid. These two compounds are important for healthy skin that has no damage, add Retinol to your skincare routine and see the results! 

But.. where does the retinol come from? This is a vitamin A derivative, and it is found in many skincare products. If you want to have great results, retinol is one of the best options! 

Collagen boost supplements

As you already know, collagen is found in almost all parts of our body, like bones, joints, muscles, and more. Collagen supplements are common for many people who need help with arthritis pain, get healthier hair, or need collagen-boosting.

Recently, collagen supplements and dietary supplements, in general, have become very popular. Everybody wants to be healthy and look amazing, and a rich diet is very important. 

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You will have a rich and completely healthy diet with all the proteins needed to feel amazing by adding supplements to your diet. This needs to include collagen supplements. You can primarily find them in capsules or powder, and each type of supplement may contain different types of collagen.


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