Exocell Mask

5 Face Masks/ 1 Box
Synthetic exosome technology elevates us to a new level of skin regeneration and protection, providing deep hydration and the power of anti-aging. Most cosmetic products and skin masks stop at the surface, but exocell mask surpasses the epidermal barrier. Each application penetrates deep into your skin, courtesy of the micrometric structure and the perfect hydro-lipophilic balance.

Our bio-restructuring ingredients work in harmony to accelerate metabolism and promote cell reproduction, including:

  • Low molecular weight polynucleotides in an exosome structure
  • Exosome mimetic peptides
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acids
  • Active ingredients for an instant lifting effect
  • Bio cellulose second skin matrix

When exocell mask gives its best:

  • Post peeling
  • Post fractional laser.
  • Post-filler
  • Post-needling
  • Post-mesotherapy
  • Post-led therapy

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Returns are not accepted unless authorized by Promoitalia.

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