Pro Hydro

6 to 9 application per box

The new Biorestructuring Hyaluronic Acid with stabilized molecular complexes.

A mixture of three molecular aggregates, stabilized through an innovative technological hybridization process, to guarantee an immediate and lasting effect.

A new technology for the production of an innovative, unique and one-of-a kind product. Long lasting bio-restructuring. The molecular complexes resist the endogenous enzymic attack ensuring greater efficacy than usual linear hyluronic acid products.

Extraordinary tissue diffusion: thanks to its low density, the product leaves no unsightly signs after its use. Extreme tolerability: a pure product without synthetic additives or cross-linkers.

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  • Stimulates the production of new hyaluronic acid
  • Biostructure the skin
  • Hydrates the superficial layer of the skin



3 molecular weights for 3 effects:

  • High molecular weight (2,300,000 Daltons) fro a luminous moisturizing effect
  • Medium molecular weight (200,000 Daltons) for an intensive bio-restructuring effect
  • Low molecular weight (50,000 Daltons) for a deep stimulating effect



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