Who can use the Intimate brightening system?

We are all always looking for that perfect skin that looks perfect and smooth no matter what. Women and men tend to have different scheme problems depending on their lifestyle, diet, products to use, and even the season of the year. It is very common for women to have dark patches in different areas of the body, such as knees, elbows, armpits, and intimate parts. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about this because it’s very common, and most women would feel related to you. 

At PromoItalia, we have developed an amazing product with top-quality ingredients to help reduce those dark spots. There are a variety of products on the market that range from creams to lotions to vaginal bleaching treatments. 

A vaginal bleaching treatment is a product that uses a bleaching agent that is applied by a medical professional to your intimate skin. These bleaching agents vary in strength and can range from mild to intense. It is important to understand which bleaching agent is right for you.

Intimate brightening system

Intimate bleaching, or intimate brightening system, is a popular treatment that helps women get rid of vaginal discoloration. Many women avoid it because they are afraid that it may cause damage to their intimate areas. However, the truth is that it is safe and effective when done under the supervision of a specialist.

If you’re looking for a new way to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, this intimate cosmetic treatment may be right for you. Using various ingredients, this treatment can help you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin that is more evenly pigmented. Here, we will detail some of the main ingredients in this intimate bleaching treatment.

But do you know if this product is the best for you? We have a wide range of skincare products, and each one will deliver a solution to your problem. Reducing dark patches on the skin is something that the Intimate brightening system can help you with. 

Will it help me? Can I use it? Different people have different skin, different allergies, and more. We will discuss who can use the Intimate brightening system here.

Who is a good candidate for intimate brightening system treatment?

This treatment is great for women experiencing a lot of different feminine health concerns. No age is too old for this treatment, as concerns about vaginal health and appearance can come up at any time in a woman’s life.

You will have a better experience with non-sensitive skin free from inflammation, irritation, rash, or other skin problems. You should also avoid using products that contain certain chemicals, as they may irritate your genital area. What are the best options for you? Keep reading the next points.

It can be helpful for women that have the following problems or conditions:

  • You are unsatisfied with how your intimate skin looks: Do you feel you’re missing out on life because you don’t have lovely, glowing skin? Do you feel like an outcast because you lack perfect, smooth skin? Well, you can try our Intimate brightening system!

An intimate brightening system is a perfect way to get your dream skin. You just apply the solution to your intimate areas, and you’ll get the skin in just a few weeks.

  • You suffer from dark patches from hormonal changes: A natural process in a woman’s body is called hormonal changes. A woman’s hormones can be out of balance at any time, which is when the intimate bleaching treatment can be used. Hormonal changes can be caused by several different factors, from menopause to a pregnancy cycle. The menstrual cycle is the most common cause of hormonal changes. 

Many women struggle with this problem, not only during menstruation or menopause but also after giving birth. When you give birth, your skin is damaged in the process, and it is not uncommon for the skin to lose its elasticity and become discolored.

  • You have tried other products before with no results: In the cosmetic world, there are many options you can choose to use to bleach your skin. Maybe you have tried to use homemade solutions for your skin or order products you can find in the drugstore. It’s ok if the other products haven’t given you the desired results; this is why you can be a good candidate to use our intimate brightening system.

Our skin treatment is highly effective for women seeking an affordable and safe way to whiten their intimate areas. There are many reasons why women want to whiten this area of their bodies. Some women just want a more even skin tone all over their bodies, while others want to remove the signs of aging or have a more attractive appearance.

You can get the results you always wanted!

At PromoItalia, we always look for new ways to bring solutions to our clients. To be innovative in the cosmetic market, we create amazing formulas that work and make happy Every person that tries them. 

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You can reduce dark patches and areas by using our intimate products and bringing your skin to life. Improve your skin, forget about feeling insecure, and use the best products the experts can offer you!

Where can PDO threads be used?

Jawline PDO threads have an instant and almost magic effect when used on different body areas. They are known to be used on the face to reduce and almost eliminate all saggy skin, wrinkles, aging signs, and more. For many years, the only way to have this effect was by going under the knife and spending weeks recovering from facial surgery. 


But did you know all the new cosmetic innovations professionals have created to deliver the results that everyone has wanted? When we talk about the results everyone wants, we talk about a safe, quick, and noninvasive procedure that helps you recover your youth without risk or consequences.


PDO threads for facial areas

PDO threads (Polydioxanone suture) is a professional cosmetic treatment procedure used by surgeons to tighten and repair tissues. Due to the properties of this thread, the tissue can relax again and be more resistant to sagging. As a result, the treatment has been used for years for aesthetic treatments in areas such as the cheeks, forehead, neck, and jaw.


One of the most frequently asked questions about the result of PDO thread lifting on the cheeks is: Are they only for the jawline? Or can they be used on other areas with sagging skin, like the cheeks? PDO threads are microscopic threads that can be used in sensitive skin, even on the cheeks.


The threads are thin, so they are not visible under the skin on the first day; they curl up under the skin and create a lifting effect. On the cheeks, the threads are placed in the direction of natural folds and creases of the skin.



Aging is a natural process, but depending on your lifestyle, the forehead lines are completely normal; we all hate them; it usually starts to appear in the 30s from raising your eyebrows. Depending on how expressive a person can be, the lines can or can’t be more visible. You can’t prevent making facial expressions or stop raising your eyebrows to reduce the pairing of the lines.


Still, there is a unique solution if you want to eliminate any aging signs: jawline PDO threads that can also be used on the forehead zone. Forget about the pain of using botox or invasive procedures and learn more about this lifting procedure. Have better results with no scars in a quick time and see results the same day. 



Most popular skin procedures surgically remove the face and strain the neck to provide a lifting. Yes, to PDO threads. Improve your profile skin texture and forget the preppy look. Imagine having a new look after a quick procedure. When using PDO threads, the skin absorbs the threads, so a patient would not have to remove anything after the procedure. 



Basically, jawline PDO threads are threads attached to a needle and then inserted into your skin to lift and tighten the skin. They are especially popular in the jawline and neck area, where they can lift the skin and help eliminate wrinkles.


PDO threads are said to last up to 3 months, and they work by pulling the skin tight in the area of the threads and working to stimulate collagen production in the skin. They are not dangerous and cause no pain; unlike other types of threads, they are safe to use on the face.


What is the use of PDO threads?

PDO Threads is a micro-needling therapy that has gained popularity in the United States but is also a common practice in many Asian countries. This therapy is done with a sterile needle and thread, usually made of polydioxanone (PDO). The threads are then placed under the skin using the micro-needling method. 


This process is done with an individualized pattern that helps your body heal. The threads are left under the skin for some time. This method is often used to help reduce fine lines or wrinkles but can also reduce scarring and stretch marks on the face.


Can everybody use PDO threads?

Before deciding whether this is the best procedure, a consultation with an expert is the first step. A professional will fully analyze your problems and decide if the patient suits them. 


A person with thick, placid skin can make the jawline PDO threads visible. Of course, a professional will find a way to provide solutions, but if a case is too complicated, the practitioner will need to look for an alternative.


When a patient has a weak immune system, the use of PDO threads is also not recommended. This is mainly Because a high risk of infection happens, and we don’t want any risk for patients. 


In other cases of people with coagulation problems, the threads are not recommended to use since they will cause bag bruises that may last for many days. From a cosmetic point of view, this is a consequence that not the patient nor the practitioner wants.


Learn more with our PDO course.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will be able to learn and understand the protocols associated with the jawline PDO threads program at PromoItalia.


Promoitalia, with 30 years of experience in manufacturing made in Italy, offers training led by industry-leading medical professionals. 

This is how Jawline PDO threads will help you have a chiseled jawline

A chiseled jawline brings out your younger side and keeps you looking amazing and vibrant. With jawline pdo threads, you immediately eliminate signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines around your chin area and look 10 years younger. 

PDO stands for polydioxanone. It is a synthetic material that has been used for years in medicine. A PDO thread is an absorbable, monofilament thread made of PDO. The unique feature of PDO threads is that they can be used on the delicate skin under the chin; they are placed in the deep dermis but do not pierce the skin’s surface, which makes it a safe way to get a lifting effect without undergoing painful surgery.

Are you looking for some of these results?

Improve skin texture

Genetics, age, and the environment can all contribute to having dull skin that is not as healthy as it could be. We all wish for perfect skin, but many people don’t realize that factors can make your skin look older than it should. The problem is that we often can’t see what is happening beneath the surface of our skin even though it is happening.

While many people think that the best way to deal with it is to have cosmetic surgery, you don’t have to go that far. A jawline procedure can help you improve your skin texture so you can forget about having saggy and wrinkled skin.

Reduce wrinkles

Consider using a jawline PDO thread procedure to look younger and feel better about yourself. The threads are awesome for getting rid of all wrinkles and the bags under your eyes; by placing them and removing them, you’ll eliminate all the wrinkles causing you to look so old. 

The PDO threads are also great at removing wrinkles from your face and age signs in general. When you remove the bags, you’ll look so much younger, and you’ll feel so much better about yourself. 

Improve definition and jawline contouring

As we age, we start to lose the fat in our face, including the fat surrounding our jawline. This can make our jawline look thinner and more prominent, which can make us look older and even make us feel older. Many non-surgical ways to soften this effect include fillers, Botox, and facelifts. 

But these options can be expensive and painful and sometimes give optimal results. Today, we’re going to explore another option: PDO threads. PDO Threads are a comparatively new method for sculpting your face. 

Youthful appearance

Feel younger, look better, and have more self-confidence with jawline treatment using threads, and most people choose to get surgery or a procedure to improve their appearance and reduce engaging signs. If what you want it’s to reduce aging signs and look a few years younger, this is the perfect option for you.

More defined chin

For those who are feeling self-conscious because of their lack of a strong jawline and a firm chin, get ready to have your jawline chiseled, and your chin lifted. This is made possible by Jawline PDO Threads, a non-surgical treatment that offers a fast, easy, and painless way to get rid of a weak jawline and an undefined chin. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of tightening and lifting your face.

No scars after the procedure: invisible lifting

When choosing the right cosmetic procedure for your face, it’s worth remembering that you are the best judge of what will make you look great; that’s because it’s not just about how you see yourself but how others see you. You need to be sure of the procedure.

Will you be able to get back to work, or will you have time to take care of yourself? Some people will always prefer a noninvasive way to improve their skin.

While it’s tempting to pick a cosmetic procedure that promises the fastest, easiest way to get your desired look, such as complex surgeries or magic facials, you need to see the evidence. A jawline lifting with PDO threads has shown to be a safe way to perfect mild surgery with no signs after the procedure.

Forget about scars, having open wounds, or risking getting an infection. Since it’s performed with a special material that dissolves on the skin and it’s non-toxic, you won’t have any risk after the lifting.

Long-lasting results are possible with Jawline PDO threads

Polydioxanone threads are a suture material made of polydioxanone (PDO); they are very strong and are used to close surgical incisions. PDO threads are an alternative to silk, nylon, or gut in the closure of wounds.

Looking for a way to rewind the clock and get that youthful look? Jawline threads are the solution for you. The needles are not inserted under the skin and are feather-light. So it doesn’t hurt or cause any damage to the skin. It takes just half an hour to get the perfect lines, and there is no downtime.

Promoitalia Assufil PDO Threads Course

PDO threads are an innovative injection technique that can achieve a smooth contour and perfect shape. You will love the new PDO threads course if you want to learn about the top cosmetic threading treatments. PDO threads can make your skin look like you have had cosmetic threads without the pain. These threads are a unique solution to the problem of threading, and they can make your skin look flawless.

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This is how Jawline PDO threads tighten your jaw

Nobody likes it when their skin starts lose elasticity, and wrinkles start to appear, people are always trying to look better a younger. Some people can appear older than they are because of genetics or because they didn’t take care of their skin when they were younger. 

How to remove wrinkles, fine lines, and neck bulges is one of the main goals of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments. Some skincare products promise to remove signs of aging, but they are ineffective compared to PDO lifting and here you will see why. We will discuss jawline PDO threads and the procedure to lift a patient’s jawline. 

Jawline lifting is a term used to describe a surgical procedure to lift and tighten sagging skin on the face. In a jawline procedure, a surgeon will remove the excess skin and tighten the muscle in a more natural way by using PDO threads. It is a great way to look younger and more attractive if your skin has become loose due to weight loss or aging.

What is a PDO Thread made of?

Commonly used procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts, and other semi-invasive surgical procedures use polydioxanone threads or PDO threads. This material is popular for its many amazing characteristics and properties, making it the best material for this cosmetic procedure. PDO is an absorbable surgical thread, and it’s very safe to implant in the body without any side effects.

In a traditional procedure, the doctor will cut a slit under the patient’s chin and use the tissue to pull the skin upwards. The product deeply penetrates into the skin and makes it elastic, smooth, and tight. It is a unique product that makes your skin beautiful and attractive. The formula acts as a protective layer over your skin and makes it elastic and smooth; you can use it under your chin and on the cheeks. 

You will notice the positive changes and results in a few minutes. You will be surprised by the results that Jawline Threads gives you. 

How do jawline PDO threads work?

A jawline PDO threads procedure is a minimally invasive and almost noninvasive procedure that doesn’t require surgery to achieve a smoother, tightened neck. All you need is Jawline. It’s a new beauty treatment that uses small, flexible threads to lift and tighten skin.

1. Identification of the areas to lift

The practitioner of the Jawline PDO threads has to identify the areas of your face that need to be lifted. These areas usually are the saggy and wrinkled ones to get better results. The practitioner can provide better results by lifting the areas that the patient wants. The practitioner or doctor will mark the areas to place the threads on identification.

2. Application of anesthesia

A local anesthetic is needed to be injected in the areas where the PDO threads will be injected. In this step, cleaning the face is also needed to ensure the procedure’s hygiene; depending on how many threads will be used, the patient will need more or less anesthesia.

A doctor can apply more local anesthetic if the patient starts to feel discomfort during the procedure. After the area that will be lifted is numbed, then it’s time for the cannula.

3. Insertion of the PDO threads

The PDO threads are inserted and placed via a cannula which is a very thin tube with a round tip, similar to a needle. Here the doctor starts to place the threads and find the best pathways through the tissue; it’s important to know that the cannula is only inserted on a specific skin layer to not damage the face structure.

Once the cannula has been inserted, then is removed to leave the thread in its place. The threads beneath the skin must be gently massaged to ensure their adherence to the face tissue.

4. Shaped of the PDO threads

The most important step of the lifting procedure is this; all the results will depend on how the practitioner shapes the treats to tighten the skin.

5. Pull and tight

The practitioner will start pulling the threads to create skin tension when the threads are placed. This gives a lifting effect to the skin, and usually, it’s made on one side when compared to the other side of the face.

6. Excess removing

The thread, after being pulled, will have an excess length outside the skin. When no more tension is needed, this has to be removed; cutting the excess will expose no thread, which is the end of the procedure. The practitioner or doctor will then apply a topical antibiotic to ensure infection will appear. 

A PDO threads procedure is usually a shorter procedure, and the general time is about 30 minutes. You can compare it to a visit to the dentist, and it does not involve any type of invasive procedure or going under the knife to make your skin smoother.

In Promoitalia, our PDO threads are made with the highest standards to deliver quality and satisfaction.

Promoitalia PDO threads program

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will have the opportunity to learn and understand the protocols associated with this non-invasive procedure.

Promoitalia, with 30 years of experience in manufacturing made in Italy threads offers training led by industry-leading medical professionals.

Jawline threads for a more defined and slim face

Jawline pdo threads are a safe and convenient way to reduce sagging around your jawline and cheeks. Clear threads with special properties are used to discreetly reposition and hold facial tissue and skin in place. You can see results almost immediately and with less risk than other procedures. A Thread Facelift can often be combined with injectable fat or fillers to increase results. Now if you are thinking of getting a retouch, you can opt for Jawline  threads for a more defined face

A thread facelift is for candidates who are in their 30s-60s and have neck or face sagging. Although this procedure is less effective than a full facelift, it can provide subtle rejuvenation.

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How do Thread Lifts work?

Unfortunately, the aging process cannot be avoided. Our skin loses its youthful fullness and elasticity over time. It becomes looser and saggier. As time passes, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form.

This is not a simple science. Our skin produces less collagen as we age. This protein keeps our skin healthy, strong, and supple. Additionally, our skin is more susceptible to the dreaded droopiness due to the natural loss of facial fat, particularly around the cheeks, jawline, and jawline.

It can be difficult to avoid having uneven, tired, and aged skin without a little assistance. Although surgical facelifts are a popular option for celebrities and the wealthy, they can be costly, risky, and invasive.

Thread lifting is a non-invasive, safe alternative to major surgery that can be costly and not as expensive for those who cannot afford it.

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lifting is a non-surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and aging on the neck and face. It tightens and lifts the skin to make it appear younger and smoother.

The dissolvable PDO threads (Polydioxanone) are safely inserted under the skin. They are then pulled back and tightened, resuspending any sagging areas. This gives your skin a rejuvenated, lifted appearance. Thread lifts can be used on any part of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Patients between 30 and 50 can benefit from this treatment if they have mild to moderate loose skin. Patients with medical conditions that make them unsuitable for surgery can have a thread lift. This procedure uses a local anesthetic, not a general anesthetic.

 Thread Lift procedure

The practitioner will identify the areas with sagging skin and mark where each thread will go. To make the experience comfortable and painless, local anesthetic treats the affected areas.

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are inserted under your skin by your practitioner using a cannula. These threads are extremely fine and have tiny, cone-shaped structures along their length. After being shaped, the threads are pulled back and tightened. Cone-shaped structures that resemble cones attach to skin tissue and suspend sagging areas. Finally, the threads are trimmed to remain secure and indistinct within the skin.

The average time for a thread lift is between 30 and 45 minutes. The procedure is quick and easy so that you can return to your normal activities immediately. The side effects are minimal, except for mild tenderness, swelling, and bruising that should disappear after a few days.

You’ll immediately see results after your thread lift procedure. The subtle but noticeable “lift” the PDO threads provide will leave your skin feeling tighter, smoother, and younger. After everything has settled down, you will see the final results within 10-14 days.

The ongoing benefits of thread liftings are another benefit. The body responds to PDO threads like an “injury,” which triggers its natural healing process. This is completely normal and safe. It’s the body’s response to foreign objects beneath the skin.

To find out more about thread lift treatments, with Assufil PDO Threads Course


After the sutures have been absorbed, there will be some bruising, slight dimpling, and swelling. These symptoms resolve quickly. Patients can return to their daily activities in two days with minimal downtime. The skin usually recovers in 7-10 days.

The body activates collagen production and sends large quantities to the affected areas as part of the healing process. Collagen is responsible for maintaining healthy skin. As we age, our bodies lose collagen.

The skin can be rejuvenated and restored to its original firmness, tone, and appearance by injecting collagen.

Let me know about your results

Regenerative actions are subtle and gradual, with the results gradually improving. You feel refreshed and renewed, but you still retain your natural expressions. Thread lifts can provide results that last for up to 18 months. The PDO threads can stay in place for up to 6-12 months, depending on the patient’s skin type, metabolism, and lifestyle. The skin’s collagen-producing healing process continues for an average of 6 months.

Because they are non-invasive and safe, repeated thread lift treatments are possible if needed.

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Are jawline pdo threads good for everyone?

A professional will examine you and determine if you are a good fit because jawline pdo threads can be visible on the jawline of someone with thick, calm skin. But do not worry; a professional will always find a way; PDO threads are not recommended for patients with a weak immune system. Moreover, The threads should not be used in cases with coagulation issues because They can cause bag bruises, which may last several days; it is not what the patient or the practitioner wants.

Although aging is a natural process, now you can perhaps reverse those aging features a little, thanks to the new jawline pdo threads. Always remember to ask a specialist for the treatment that best suits you.

For new esthetic technicians

As cosmetrists we are always in the need to update ourselves and to know the new trends and products for cosmetic treatments. That’s why in promoItalia we have for you the training courses in jawline pdo threads. Register now and know everything we have to offer in promoItalia academy.

Vaginal Revirgination technique a surgical innovation

Virginity has been a social, religious, and morally significant concept for centuries. It is a condition in which a woman has not had sexual intercourse, and her hymen is still intact. The purpose of hymenoplasty (Vaginal Revirgination technique: a surgical innovation) for torn hips is not only to preserve cultural and religious traditions but also to improve interpersonal relationships.


In some cultures, even during this century, Physical examination of the hymen before marriage is used to determine its integrity; vaginal bleeding can be confirmed by the presence of tearing of the hymen at first sexual contact. The nuptial blood-spotted sheet must be presented as proof of virginity in some cultures. 


Now, for some women recovering the hymen is important. Hymenorrhaphy, or hymenoplasty, is a term used to describe the surgical treatment of the hymen. It means that women can restore their ‘virginity’ in modern times, besides traditional needs. Hymen reconstruction, although controversial in many countries around the world, is becoming a popular trend. Let’s talk about the Vaginal Revirgination technique: a surgical innovation


The Procedure


The procedure is not quite simple because it is a surgical intervention. Now, The patient is then placed in a lithotomy place, and the patient will receive spinal anesthesia before having the procedure. The anterior vaginal wall marks the position of the rectangular flaps at 2 cm and 5 cm, respectively. 

These Flaps located at 2 and 5, respectively, are kept proximally based. Meanwhile, Flaps located at 8 and 11, however, are distally based. Flaps are raised to the level of loose connective tissues below the mucosa. The donor areas are sealed primarily, then The opposing flaps overlap in a crisscross fashion and use sutures.


One to three flaps of vaginal mucosal are added to the remains of a torn Hymen to aid in reconstruction when they are discovered. Even though it is surgery, The patient is discharged the same day. 


Now what comes next is that the patient will need to take antibiotics for about fine days. During this period, The patient is told to stop having sexual contact or to do any other activities that could damage her newly formed hymen until her reconstruction is complete.


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Results of Vaginal Revirgination technique


The results will vary depending on each person, and in some cases, it is necessary to reconstruct the hymen. It is through the reconstruction of all the flaps, but for other women, the issue is different because they may have remnants of the hymen that require a simpler reconstruction. The important thing is that it heals completely, and the sutures are completely absorbed. The process is not necessarily fast; it can take up to 35 days for all the sutures to be completely absorbed. Your doctor will tell you what to do, what medications to take, and how long you will wait to break through the barrier again.


This procedure is based on sound plastic surgery principles. It aims to replace “like” with “like tissue.” The original hymen’s color, texture, and thickness are almost identical. Because of the excellent blood supply to the vaginal mucosal, these random flaps are strong and reliable. The mucosal flaps won’t become a tube-like structure because the opposing flaps are perfectly overlapped and sutured.


The vaginal mucosal flexibility allows for the closure of donor sites without any donor site morbidity. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia and sedation. However, spinal anesthesia is preferred for better muscle relaxation and comfort.


Because the morphology and practice of the hymen are very variable, it seems presumptuous that the described Hymen should assume a reticular structure. The procedure described here creates an introitus-like thickened mucosal network. The method is repeatable, consistent, and reproducible. The newly-reconstructed hymen can be used for daily activities but is weak enough for sexual penetration.


Minimally invasive Vaginal Revirgination technique


A PDO thread lift might be a good option if you want to make a difference in your appearance without undergoing major surgery.

So you can get a Vaginal Revirgination technique using PDO Threads

What is a PDO thread lift?


PDO thread lifting is a non-surgical lift in which the skin is lifted using Polydioxanone threads. These threads are attached to the skin and inserted using needles into various layers. This instantly lifts and tightens sagging skin. Each section may contain anywhere from 1-15 threads.


There are three types of PDO threads available: mono, cog, and screw. Each type can be used for a different treatment. The mono texture, for example, is sufficient for most patients looking to tighten and rejuvenate their skin. The skin is first anesthetized to minimize discomfort, of course. Now, your doctor will tell you which one you need. 


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Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift


PDO thread lifting provides immediate skin lifting. It stimulates collagen production and cell renewal. This improves your skin texture and gives you lasting results. A PDO thread lift is a great option for patients who don’t want major surgery. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, particularly if collagen is added over time.


How long does a PDO thread lift last?


The threads usually dissolve in six months. The positive effects of a PDO Vaginal Revirgination technique last for most patients between 12-24 months due to increased collagen production. Additional treatments can be done to prolong the results.


What about recovery time?


The recovery time for a PDO thread Vaginal Revirgination technique can be very short as it is minimally invasive. Patients can resume their normal activities within one week after the procedure. Some patients said the procedure causes swelling and tightening of the vaginal walls when it is done. The friction causes bleeding from the vaginal mucosa, mimicking a rupture of the hymen. A small piece of plastic is embedded with red dye, or a gelatin capsule containing an artificial blood-like substance, and inserted into the vagina.

Feel younger with Vaginal Revirgination technique

In the cosmetic world, new techniques are always being created and improved to deliver better results. The anti-aging cosmetic treatments and procedures are the most requested and popular among women and men.

You can use different techniques to have a more soft skin or toned muscles, but what about your intimate area? Various intimate cosmetic treatments and procedures are aimed at altering and changing the shape and look of the vagina. They belong to the vagina rejuvenation category since their main goal it’s to recover their original functioning and shape.

For many people, the need to have a Vaginal Revirgination technique to feel virgin again may never have crossed their mind. On the other hand, many women want and need to boost their confidence. Every year the demand for cosmetic surgery increases, in the United States, the demand is the highest compared to the rest of the world.

Women undergo different surgeries, such as breast enlargement, liposuction, and breast reduction, which can help them feel more confident about their bodies and life. However, there are other less-known ways to make a woman feel more confident and healthy.

One of them is the vaginal rejuvenation technique which involves vaginal tightening. Vaginal tightening decreases pain during intercourse and boosts libido and sexual pleasure.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

A woman’s body changes over time, which is especially noticeable if she has recently given birth or has undergone other natural changes. It can be hard for many women to accept that their bodies have changed, but one way to help them out is through vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that can help make your vagina look and feel younger. It is also known as laser vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, or laser vaginal cosmetic surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation is designed to improve the appearance of the vagina.

It is different from vaginal surgery, designed to correct things like vaginal prolapse or incontinence that can occur as a result of childbirth or other physical trauma. There are many ways to experience vaginal rejuvenation, but the Vaginal Revirgination technique is the best and most preferred method to reconstruct the vagina.

These are your options to rejuvenate your body.


Labiaplasty is the surgical procedure that involves removing extra or not wanted tissue from the vagina. To put it simply, labiaplasty is a type of vaginal rejuvenation procedure because it añters the original shape of the vagina and labia.

The procedure is a form of female genital plastic surgery, and it’s a permanent surgery. It is also known as labial rejuvenation, labial reduction, and labial reshaping, a surgical procedure done by cosmetic surgeons as a part of female genital surgery.


Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, or vaginal rejuvenation surgery, is used to improve the appearance and feel of a woman’s vagina. During vaginoplasty, the surgeon will perform procedures that tighten and tone it and remove excess skin, fatty tissues, and muscles in the area. 

The procedure can also correct medical conditions that cause an enlarged or loose vagina canal. The type of vaginoplasty procedure you decide to undergo is based on some factors, including the severity of the condition and your goals for the outcome of the surgery. 

Vaginal Revirgination technique

Revirgination is a recently developed technique that allows women to feel younger again with the help of cosmetic technologies. While most people might feel that the age of 20 is the time of life when a woman is most beautiful and desirable, the fact is that women can feel beautiful and desirable at any time of their lives. 

This thin membrane is the symbol of virginity, so when the hymen is broken during the first time of sexual intercourse, it is considered that a girl has lost her virginity. This procedure can be a way to improve self-esteem and feel better about their bodies which is the main goal of any cosmetic treatment. 


Lipofilling is a fat transfer that involves extracting fat from one area of the body and injecting it into an area that needs volume. Lipofilling is a safe and natural way for women to rejuvenate their intimate areas, such as the vagina, and get firmer and more youthful skin. 

Lipofilling is an operation of high complexity and requires significant experience from the doctor. The doctor takes the patient’s fat tissue, usually from the body, and after processing and filtering it; the fat is injected into the areas requiring rejuvenation.

Who is the best candidate?

In general, the best candidates for a Vaginal Revirgination technique or any other type of cosmetic procedure have to be in perfect health. Good physical and mental health is the most important thing when deciding about your body. Also, if you feel related to the following statements, you may be a candidate for a rejuvenating procedure.

Women are insecure about their genitalia: they feel like something is wrong and need to do something about it. Most of these women have been going through changes in their bodies and what to return to their natural vagina shape.

Experience satisfaction with the look of your vulva: this is something normal that almost all women experience. But not thanks to the advance of cosmetic procedures, they can use vaginal rejuvenizing techniques to improve the look of their intimate area.

Complement with other intimate treatments

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Pink intimate System

Pink Intimate System is the ideal gentle, noninvasive vaginal lightening & vaginal rejuvenation solution to improve the appearance of the intimate area. Its formula contains unique ingredients that, when combined, give the best results to reduce dark spots in intimate areas gently and safely.

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Vaginal Revirgination technique using PDO Threads

Sudden weight changes or decreases in estrogen and collagen production can lead to sagging in the genital area. It can affect sexual performance, self-esteem, and levels of satisfaction. Initially, people used Tensor threads for aesthetic medicine and cardiovascular surgery. In recent years, however, Vaginal Revirgination using PDO threads has been a highly successful technique in gynecology.

The vaginal revirgination technique using tensor threads can be used to treat flaccidity and apparent lack of fullness in the genital area of women who have lost weight or experienced a decrease in the production of collagen and estrogens over time.

Tensor threads are used to restore tissue tone, replenish collagen, and promote a more efficient function in the contractions of the tissues of your vagina.

What is a Vaginal Revirgination Technique?

PDO Tensor threads are named for their appearance. They are inserted in the skin using very fine subdermal needles, and they can be resorbable spiculated polycaprolactone and polylactic acid threads. They stimulate collagen and elastic synthesis as well as angiogenesis.

PDO  tensor threads technique is: 

  • Minimally invasive technique
  • Rapid recovery
  • Visible results after the first session.

They not only rejuvenate the external appearance of the vulva but also improve the holding strength and quality of the tissue within the vagina. To restore tissue tone and stimulate cell activation, they are placed in the majority of women’s labia.

This innovative treatment can improve the quality of women’s lives and address various discomforts and problems that may arise in intimate areas at all stages of their lives. As we said, the goal is to reaffirm damaged or affected tissues. Spiculated threads are used to tighten the skin, and monofilament threads are used to firm the skin.

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What is the material used to make the tensor threads?

Producers use Hypoallergenic material to make the tensor threads. So They are unlikely to be rejected by the body and can be absorbed by it.

It takes approximately a year for the toning effect to take place. Therefore, it is common for the skin to return to its original condition after the healing process. It’s done in an outpatient clinic under local anesthesia.

Tensor threads are used for different purposes. 

The vaginal revirgination technique, a tool from aesthetic medicine, has been successfully introduced to gynecology. Vaginal tightening or lifting (rejuvenation) is a common treatment option for women who lack fullness or flaccidity in their labia majora.

This characteristic of the female sexual apparatus occurs naturally in adulthood and is caused by the body’s loss of collagen and estrogen. Of course, you may also notice it after a sudden weight loss. It may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it can significantly impact sexual performance.

PDO threads are a great way to help you:

  • Modify the shape of your labia majora.
  • Vaginal tears almost always cause vaginal bleeding.
  • Restore the vaginal walls.
  • Avoid surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence
  • Sagging bladder cases due to pregnancy, weight gain, or obesity.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and uses this gynecological method has to offer.

For urinary incontinence, threads 

A decrease in bladder control is called urinary incontinence. It can happen for many reasons, at different times in life,e and is more common in women than men.

Types of incontinence

Stress incontinence (SUI) This is the most common form of incontinence among women. This is caused by urine leakage from laughing or sneezing.

Overflow incontinence. If The bladder does not empty after urinating, it can be maybe by An obstruction in the urinary tract or neurological problems. 

Urge incontinence. Urge incontinence is when you need to use the bathroom immediately and without delay.

For postpartum sequelae, threads

Pregnancy can cause increased pressure on the bladder leading to urinary leakage and pressure on the pelvic floor. There are significant changes after giving birth to the shape and musculature of female genitalia because they tend to lose their flexibility and weaken.

Threads for the genitourinary disorder of menopause

GMS (genitourinary symptoms of menopause) is a condition that causes major hormonal changes during menopause. Vaginal atrophy is the most common condition, and it occurs when the thickness and moisture of the vaginal walls are decreased. Other possible symptoms include vaginal itching and poor lubrication.

Threads for discomfort during sexual intercourse

Vaginal lubrication allows the walls to remain hydrated and encourages thicker, more elastic tissues.

It is common to use feminine moisturizers to treat vaginal dryness. These lubricants can alleviate moderate to severe dryness symptoms, but threads are recommended to make a noticeable difference.

For vaginal dryness or atrophy, threads

As time passes, the vulva experiences change in its shape and musculature due to decreased collagen production. Women 40 years and older might notice a decrease in vaginal tone or elasticity. The vaginal Revirgination technique can improve this normal condition. 

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What happens to the thread after it’s in place?

The body absorbs the thread, and patients report that it can be reabsorbed within a year. The thread does not cause the skin to become firmer, but it is due to the scarring caused by the placement of the thread. After the healing process has ended, the same organism will return to its original state.

It is an ambulatory procedure that allows for painless and rapid recovery. PDP Tensor threads are a traditional technique used in aesthetic medicine. However, they have also been successful in regenerative gynecology, as we mentioned before.

Now you can treat the tissue without needing to enter an operating room. Remember, it is a faster and more efficient procedure and can be done under local anesthesia. Hence, it is painless and ambulatory because it doesn’t require admission, and recovery is quicker.

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